Welcome to the web-page of "Law Group Kazakhstan" Company!
"Law Group Kazakhstan" is a legal Holding that has been successfully working since 2015 in the markets of the CIS-countries, Turkey and Germany. We specialize in areas such as corporate law, labor law, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, as well as provide a wide range of legal services to international companies.

Our basic values are maximum focus on client's needs and results orientation. Our key benefits are high competence, a professional staff of like-minded people, and an outstanding business reputation. Apart from our legal practice, we are engaged in employment in Europe. We rely on the experience of our lawyers who, by appealing with international law, can assist our fellow citizens abroad.
You can be fairly certain of a competent and honest examination of formulated tasks, that we will offer an optimal way for achieving stated objectives and be able to obtain the best result on mutually satisfactory terms.


Professional staff members of "Law Group Kazakhstan" Holding provide legal services to Kazakhstani and foreign corporate and private clients in Kazakhstan. The core activity of the company is legal support to Kazakhstani and foreign clients on matters related to business activities. Detailed information about services provided by "Law Group Kazakhstan" law firm is available in the "SERVICES" section of the website.

Principles of the Company

● Individual approach to each customer
Each case assigned to us is unique. We creatively solve stated objectives, taking into account the personal or business circumstances of our clients. Our adherence to the principle of individual approach to each client allows us to achieve success in the work we do for corporate and private clients from very diverse backgrounds.

● Professional competence
Providing high quality legal services is the core philosophy of our company. The knowledge and experience of our experts allows us to protect effectively the interests of our clients in matters of any complexity, as well as quickly and efficiently resolve all lawsuits of our clients.

● Optimization of our clients' costs
A key principle of our company is optimizing costs of our clients for legal services. We offer only services that are really necessary to resolve a specific matter of the client. We are a strong opponent of overbilling or "non-transparent" invoicing for the legal services. Honest relationships with our customers are our priority number one.

● Efficient response
We do our best to save time of our clients. We continuously inform our clients on the progress we are making with respect to their cases, as well as on any changes in legislation or judicial practices, which may affect them.

● Compliance with professional ethics
Our company operates under the principle of compliance with professional ethics. This principle includes both the application of the principles of honesty and openness in work with clients, and ethically correct recommendations for solving each task that affects the problems of his business.

● Responsibility
In work with our clients, we always take an honest and frank position: when offering all legal ways of resolving issues, we inform clients about all possible risks and prospects, at the same time taking into account judicial trends in legislative changes. Aware of its responsibility to clients, the "Law Group Kazakhstan" Law Company strives to provide the highest quality standards in legal assistance.

● Confidentiality
One of the basic principles of our company is the observance and preservation of client's secret. Strict observance of confidentiality is a required condition for the trust of clients of our company.

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